CryptoHawk API 
for Pro Subscribers

Get your private key and analyze, build, and control your strategy

CryptoHawk AI Pro Subscribers can access data and predictions to run their own analyses for actionable insights.

Our API gives you the information that will help you boost your gains by refining your strategy and integrating our AI predictions into your trading bots.

You can find your API key under the Settings and Profile tab of your CryptoHawk AI Pro Subscription account.

If you are a crypto exchange or business seeking to leverage our predictions for your clients and analysts, don't hesitate to contact us at

What does the API give you?

Predictions Events with filters:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Prediction Category (AltcoinRadar, Trend Watch and Long-Short)
  • From & To Dates
  • Record Limits
  • Favorites (based on mobile user filters)
  • Pagination & Record per Page

Altcoin Radar with filters:

  • Watch-list or Blipping
  • Sort by Name, Crypto & Total Momentum, Ascending or Descending
  • History
  • Favorites (based on mobile user filters)

Trend Watch with filters:

  • Sort by Name, Confidence & Crypto Symbol
  • Sort descending or ascending
  • History
  • Favorites (based on mobile user filters)

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