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Introducing one of the world’s most powerful and complete crypto price prediction indicator tools available. With Cryptohawk AI’s BTC and ETH predictions, you can capture big gains and reduce risk.

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Why use

Reduce Stress

Know that you are investing in crypto as safely as possible

Use Volatility

Leverage market volatility and reduce risk

Trade Wisely

Engage in smarter
and simpler trading

Reduce Emotions

Temper the well-known trading flaw of letting your emotions inhibit trading success

Use Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI to gain an advantage against the unknown

Key Features

Get AI predictions
Email & SMS alerts
Prediction charts & cards
One-click to your trading platform
Advanced insights
robot hands with crystal ball and predictions about bitcoin and etherium

Reduce stress by knowing that you are investing in crypto as safely as possible

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Never miss a CryptoHawk prediction
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Explore the CryptoHawk charts and historical predictions to improve your insight
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Fast access to your trading platform from CryptoHawk predictions 
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Upgrade to CryptoHawk Advanced to gain access to expert insights and features 
Capture More Gains with less risk
CryptoHawk is an artificial intelligence platform that allows investors to gain a competitive advantage when trading Bitcoin and Ethereum. CryptoHawk enables investors to simplify their decision-making, reduce risk, exploit market volatility and improve performance.
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How it works

The CryptoHawk deep learning AI monitors and analyzes live data from many and varied sources to spot relevant patterns, detect signals and informs you of meaningful price trend predictions.

Contextualizing the purpose of AI

The context in which AI is applied is key. Contrary to popular belief and fiction, AI is not omnipotent. AI works best on simple and narrow tasks that require some form of cognitive abilities. This is why our data scientists have applied human problem-solving and know-how processing in our AI proprietary engine from the expertise of professional traders.

Man standing at movie-like depiction of AI technology scene

Transforming data into insights

Data alone offers very little value. The AI consumes a large amount of information from a diversity of sources to identify patterns that are revealed and become meaningful.

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Training the machine

Training implies that know-how already exists and that given similar circumstances the AI can recognize a situation or even predict its outcome. This is how AI with machine learning learns and augments actionable human know-how.

Robotic hand held over human hand

Correlating the unexpected

Correlation is the key to any form of intelligence. It is what allows the AI to learn what is normal or unexpected. The ability to go deeper and observe the impact of the unexpected, and change the current model, is key to an agile and resilient AI.

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Predicting with confidence

Equipped with deep knowledge, the AI continuously monitors live data and information that strengthen its understanding and reveals clues that lead to a prediction. It is at this point that Cryptohawk.ai alerts investors over email and text message when a price trend changes allowing users to achieve improved returns.

robot hands using a crystal ball for prediction
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Since February 24, 2021*
Results Against Buy-and-Hold Strategy


BTC rate of return
ETH rate of return
* Upon rigorous back testing of our modulated CryptoHawk model to the launch date of February 24, 2021, we demonstrated that CryptoHawk reduced the number of alert notifications by almost half compared to CryptoDivine, while increasing the rate of return over and above the buy-and-hold by 225% for BTC and 138% for ETH. For reference, the buy-and-hold rates of return during this period were -21.82% for BTC and 68.36% for ETH.
screen capture of cryptohawk trading platform

The CryptoHawk Advantage

We are distinctly different than any other ai prediction system on the market. Our algorithms are similar to those used in extremely profitable ‘high-frequency trading (HFT) strategies. Our goal is to level the playing field and give you the edge you need to maximize alpha.

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